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Web browser

A web browser is an application which provides a path to view information, retrieve document, present and transferring information on the World Wide Web.

Nowadays there are many IT company which have launched free web browser but which browser is best for us is still a question? Some of the famous Browser is uc Browser, Google chrome Mozilla Firefox or internet explorer.

start up fast : web browser start fast and this is possible only if they have external add-ons or inbuilt add-ons.  The web browser which contains add-ons more comfortable than the browser which do not contain add-ons. The reason behind this is that while starting Browser the browser need some library file to run fast and accurate.

It take less memory and CPU uses so that your internal server processing will not get engaged and traffic of CPU will normal. Previous Browser used internal processor which cause slow startup. Most of the bandwidth was consumed at the time of starting.

Compatibility issue

New web browser are powered by advanced engine with follow web rule so that any website can be easily open and there will be no crash pages. Built on the concept of modern web standard and are known for better compatibility.


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Major Features of application

Online form fill add-ons :  use your web browser to make your work fast and easy by using online formfill.

customizable toolbar : GoTo setting and use toolbar buttons to get quick access to your favorite features.

One-click facebook lite : option to share your online updates on facebook with one click.