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UC News is an interesting and useful app or browser. All the users of uc browser get notified whenever any important news and updates comes. It gives you the best recommendation and also shows you the news that you like to read the most. And the other and most important thing in this uc news is that it also provides to it’s users the amazing videos that never let you bore.

The video comes with a great mix of jokes, funny videos, musics, etc. All the Indian users just love to install this browser for their using purpose. In this uc news, live cricket score is one of the awesome feature of this app that gives you real time and instant updates of cricket scores.

Uc news will always show you the smart news and acts like a bridge by keeping you updated with every latest and trending news of your near by area, national news and world wide news. The download process will continue even after the app is closed and will also automatically sorts download files according to their type and places them in the respective folders.

Uc news has many salient features

Smart downloading : It is the one of the main and interesting feature of uc browser. It supports the smart downloading. It has the smartest downloading system. Whatever you will download from this app or browser will just complete in few seconds.

Cloud Server : It is the one of the useful function of uc browser. It compresses the data and than show it to the users of android device. It saves the time of the users of android device.

Incognito Mode : It is also the one of the salient feature of uc browser. It is the one of the important mode of uc news. In this mode if you want to watch any private thing in your android device than you can easily see that and no any other person is able to know that you have already watched that private thing in your android device.

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