browser feature

Now a day trend has been completely changes most of the work are down via online. So user are looking best option to get their work without hassle. Means the meaning of browser of previous are completely change.

Features of Web Browser

  1. Critical website web browser: some website are code with very high level code with huge level of coding and scripting due to this most of the web browser fail to open or take too much time to load. So a web browser must have update feature and module for this type of website.
  2. Follow hyperlinks : web browser must be capable of open hyperlinks or can suggest the url when type on the address bar.
  3. Integrate search in browser : previous browser version does not have integrate search option but update browser have this option now most of the browser have launch their on search engine to show the result.
  4. Reload page automatically or manually : browser must support reload page automatically or manually as most of the payment getway company use section and cookies to break the page when the website are ideal for a long time.
  5. Bookmarks button : web user can bookmarks their favorite page or official website for further work.

Customize view : user can customize the browser as per their requirement like theme, wallpaper, top view, news, local information etc on the browser.