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All of you know me and my irrevocable love for UC  browser. I even called it the greatest thing since people discovered that they could add coffee to chocolate and that is a huge comparison. Mocha is the best thing to have ever existed and UC browser is only second to it in my  not so humble opinion. Then again every great thing must come to an end and so did my relationship with UC browser when I bought an iPhone and UC browser was not available in it as a pre downloaded app. I was so tensed when I thought about downloading it again because I did not want to pay money as my salary had just finished. I was paranoid you guys. I did not know what to do without it but I do not what stuck me I decided to check out the play store just in case it was available there and I had not noticed it or if it was free to download. I did not have much hopes since you know iOS does not have a lot of free stuff on its play store. Anyways I decided to check it out. Guess what? It was freaking free on the place. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes. An app absolutely free on iOS I had to be dreaming but apparently I wasn’t and apparently it was absolutely freaking free. I was still sceptical because I thought it might have some different features or that it might be lesser in comparison to the Android version but that was not the case at all. The app was actually running smoother on my iPhone and it was incredible just like before if not better.

Lovely uc browser

I am in love with both my iPhone and UC browser now. Oh my god this app is unreal. I would highly suggest this app to everyone out there the app is sweet and brilliant. I cannot thank Alibaba group enough for this beauty. They are absolute geniuses and I am in love. I hope you guys will fall in love too.

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