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‘UC inside, world in hands’ is the motto of UC browser, a browsing app founded by UC web, a Chinese mobile internet company in the april of 2004. The UC web is owned by Alibaba group and is a leading force in the mobile internet business.When it was found in 2004 nobody not its founder or the people who downloaded it though that this would touch the lengths and skies that it is right now. This app has been downloaded more than a million times. This app is loved by everyone who uses it and it is also highly recommended in the circles. The amazing thing is its availability. This app is available for all operating systems like Android, BlackBerry OS,iOS, Java ME, Symbian, Windows Phone and Microsoft Windows.

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The browser uses very advanced and well researched technology like cloud acceleration and data compression. The very interesting thing is that their servers are actually a proxy which compress and render the data of websites before sending it to users. This is why the website is so fast and also saves so much data. The website’s data saving is so great that I have actually not used more that two hundred and eighty five MBs in the last five days even after being on the internet 24 hours.

This is not the end of its amazing features the app uses a special technique to download content faster and it is very useful for people in a hurry. The app also provides for data back up feature and that is just unreal. The app is so compatible with android that it has more that three hundred million downloads on android. I downloaded this app 6 months back and ever since then I have been loving it. I have had such a great experience using this app owing to its amazing user friendly features and great layout. I have never loved an app more and I do not think that I ever would. I highly recommend this app to people looking to save on their data or people who want faster downloads.

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