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NEWS-This is the best thing and best feature of this application for those people who really love to watch and get all of the new trending and recent news. It has various news option of so many different fields. It has huge amount of trending news of almost every field. It has lots of contents like news, sports, cricket, top free app, shopping, video, relationship, tv, movie, health, politics. You have to just click any of content and you will get all trending news about that particular topic which you will choose. It will update you from all the current happenings of the world. When you start using UC browser you will never miss any updates. It is very smart way to surf around the world and get to know happening around the world.

FACEBOOK MODE– It another One of the most amazing and important feature of this application is that it has facebook mode which will help you to get around the social world without any tension. Facebook mode will help you to easily connect your self with your colleagues, friends and relatives easily. This is for those person who just love to yuse social media platform and this is great for the teenagers also who spend their half day with roaming around the facebook. It will never let you miss any uploads and updates of your facebook friends, It will give you notification of any updates in your facebook.

ADD BLOCK-Another best features of this application is that it has add block feature. As we all know that there are so many people exist who don’t like to fill there notifications by unnecessary adds. So those people it is the best way to get rid of any adds problems Every person  should try this application.

NIGHT MODE-Another best thing is this  application also have night mode. Some people love to surf on internet at night but mobile light will cause eye harm to you, if you are one of these people ,It has night mode feature which will help you to surf on internet at night without proving harm to your eyes.

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