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If you are Hindi news reader but get bored with newspaper and magazines. Some of you were still using these newspaper and magazines, come on friends get out of this. I know some you were get bored by these things. Try something new. A very new face of source of information is waiting for you. UC news has came with lots of amazing, exciting features which you will really love.

uc news browser language option

You will get all the trending news in this apps. UC browser come in both Hindi and English language. You just have to download uc news and you will get news in both English and Hindi language.

On its home page you will get all new trending new, but if you want any recent news in specific topic you can easily click on categories they give you like cricket, entertainment, video, tech, trending, humor, edu and job, offbeat, gadget, business, politics, sports, world, India, lifestyle, movies, tv, relationships, health, auto, fashion, travel and many more. You have to just click on these topics and you will get all news about your desired option. It also have one another tab for videos in which you can see any of current happening videos.
If you like any of article in web you can save it and you can again watch it in saved article .It has saved article option in which you can save your desired articles.

You can go to me option and there are various kind of option like my message, following topics, saved articles, offline reading, night mode, feedback, rate us, settings.

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